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Dr. Sam Horn, (former) executive vice president of Bob Jones University (BJU) was a guest speaker at Detroit Theological Seminary's 2018 E3 Pastors Conference. Two Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) pastors Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Rick Holland shared the platform with Horn and Dr. Dave Doran.

As previously noted, BJU president Dr. Steve Pettit retains two high-level SBC professors Dr. Lonnie Polson and Mr. Jeffrey Stegall on the faculty at BJU.



North Greenville University (NGU) is a highly compromised new evangelical liberal arts school affiliated with the SBC. BJU has never extended a hand of fellowship to NGU...until now. On Monday, February 5th 2018 Dr. Gene Fant, president of NGU was the guest of honor on campus at BJU. At the beginning of the chapel message Pettit said, "we are honored this morning to have as our guest Dr. Gene Fant...we are going to fellowship [with Fant] for lunch today...stand and give him a warm welcome here at Bob Jones University" [standing ovation].

 Christian Learning Centers (CLC) is a self proclaimed gospel ministry ministering to public school students through the Released Time program in area public schools. The CLC mission statement reads, "[CLC] encourage [children] to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ". CLC's ministry verse, John 4:34, carries with it a clear missions meaning. On Tuesday May 12, 2020 CLC will be hosting two special guests for its annual fundraising event; NGU president Gene Fant and, you guessed it, Dr, Steve Pettit of BJU. Until recently Dr. Sam Horn occupied a seat on the CLC administrative board. Now (apparently as a replacement for Horn) Dr. Bobby Wood Jr. chief enrollment officer at BJU occupies a seat on the board.

CLC, however, is not what it seems. The CLC leadership and sponsoring churches are made up of everything from conservative evangelicals to left leaning charismatics to rank theological liberals. A posting of this music video can be found on CLC's official Facebook page. For the 2019 event, actor Kevin Sorbo was the keynote speaker.

By participating in this event, Pettit is not only solidifying his position of fellowship with highly compromised SBC Gene Fant, he also, along with Horn and Wood, finds himself shoulder-to-shoulder in ministry cooperation with new evangelicals and apostates.

For those of you of whom it may concern: WARNING. Please understand the BJU of today is nothing like the BJU of yesterday. Pettit continues to insist that BJU remains a biblically separated fundamentalist institution of yesterday.


Machen White
Ephesians 5:11


Unknown said…
I appreciate both the content and spirit in which you post information. Being a 1983 graduate, I also remember a much different stand the school took in the past. Students knew where institutions and men in the ministry stood. There were clear distinctions between fundamentalist and those compromising. Those distinctions where talked about in chapel. Now even the preacher boys graduate with no firm foundation on these issues.

It was often said that God had blessed BJU in keeping it standing strong through 3 generations while most schools like Moody, Wheaton, and Cedarville to name a few started their slide into New Evangelicalism soon after the founder died. I fear/believe that their time of taking a strong fundamentals stand has ended. The question is, how soon before BJU is completely blended into the New Evangelical camp with no semblance of that stand.

When you have to say, "we stand where we have always stood", it's time to look in the mirror and do an honest assessment of where you are and where you stand -- measured against your history.

Many at time I can remember Dr. Bob, Jr. saying, "if this place ever changes it's strong fundmentalist stand I pray the Lord closes it's doors". I believe we are now seeing God's long-suffering being shown to BJU, but when will that long-suffering end and the doors close?

William Brown

Lou Martuneac said…
Dear Brother Brown:

I share your sentiments. It is a modern day tragedy what is happening at BJU. I've heard many BJU grads cite Dr. Bob, Jr. as you have above. Some say he also said that if BJU ever departed from its "strong fundamentalist stand" students should come back and close the school. Ironically it is through a 1980 BJU graduate Steve Pettit that the school is losing its "strong fundamentalist stand." And at the same time Pettit is this student who has returned and through him the school's doors appear destined to close.


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